Osteopathy is one of the health care professions treating conditions which manifest themselves in the musculo-skeletal system. A registered osteopath will diagnose, treat and manage the presenting problem. He will also recognise conditions which cannot be helped by osteopathy and will therefore advise patients and alert their general practitioner of the suspected condition.

The traditional, classically trained osteopath, will only use his hands to carry out the treatment. The modern techniques are gentle and very specific.

The initial consultation is in the form of an interview where specific questions will be asked. The main aim is to identify the underlying cause of the presenting pains. General health screening questions will also be asked to ensure that the presenting problem is not linked to any other general health disorder. Once the problem has been diagnosed, the treatment programme will be explained and the proposed management of the case will be discussed. If appropriate, the treatment will commence on the first visit. Although full confidentiality is respected, some occasions require liaising with the general practitioner.