Total Osteopathic Care
Although traditionally associated with back pains, osteopaths are able to help with all kinds of ailments. Osteopaths are often consulted for mechanical problems of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrist, elbows, and shoulder joints. Some forms of head-aches also respond well to gentle manipulation of the neck and shoulder muscles. Close working relationship with local dentists means that we sometimes treat strains of the TMJ (jaw joint). Our combined experiences in the practice cover the whole spectrum of osteopathic care.

Ante-Natal & Post-Natal Care
The various aches and pains associated with postural changes in the pregnancy can be alleviated with gentle manipulation. Childbirth can often lead to typical strains of the pelvis and lower back; these are treated with soft soothing techniques to the soft tissues of the area. We advise the new mums on a sensible regime of exercises and general mobility.

New born babies are “checked-up” by using cranial techniques and we then follow the children up on a yearly basis to keep an eye on any developmental, spinal defects that may develop; for example spinal curves, known as scoliosis.

Sporting and Dancing Injuries
For many years we have been associated with dancers from the Arts Educational Schools in West London. Many other local rugby, football, riding, squash and other sport clubs attend our practice for treatment of many injuries.

Growing Pains
On some occasions, we find that adolescents have been suffering with unexplained ‘growing pains’. On close examination the individual may have a common condition known as ‘scoliosis’ where the spine shows signs of twisting. This can lead to many aches and pains that can be alleviated with gentle manipulation.

Care of the Elderly
Many conditions associated with ageing such as arthritis of the spine or hip are looked after regularly. Although the conditions may not be curable, the quality of life-style can certainly be helped.

General Care
Many daily problems of the muscles and joints come to us. We pay particular attention to the effects that muscles and ligaments have on joint movement. Tight muscles may show up as headaches or give rise to severe back pain. Irritated nerves may lead to conditions such as sciatica.

The practice has close links with local general practitioners as well as practitioners of other forms of complementary medicine. On occasions, complete recovery and a maintained state of good physical health may require the support of other disciplines. Over the last eighteen years, we have selected the most appropriate practitioners in other fields and have a good working relationship in order to ensure that we can all communicate successfully and regularly.

Owing to the nature of the problems that we treat, the severity of the episode means that the patient is sometimes unable to come to the practice. Under those circumstances we will be able to arrange for a home visit.

Most of the leading medical insurance companies will reimburse the treatment fees. The normal procedures of completing the form and obtaining referral from the general practitioner are required.