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Three decades ago, Emanuel and Nicola set up practice in West Molesey as Sammut & Sammut Associates. Since then we have grown from strength to strength, establishing new branches and expanding our provision of health care services. Our current team is diverse in specialisation. As well as osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, our clinics offer clinical hypnotherapy and pilates; our newest venture is physiotherapy, practiced by a new generation of Sammuts.


We offer a variety of disciplines


Osteopathy is a manual therapy treating conditions which manifest themselves in the musculo-skeletal system. Cranial osteopathy is a gentler technique used to address the more subtle mechanical anomalies seen in newborn babies and younger children.

Osteopathy is primarily a manual therapy that sees patients with both acute injuries arising from a sudden trauma to caring for the pains related to aging and arthritis. Each patient visiting for the first time will undergo a screening history of both the presenting problem as well as their general health. This will be followed by a physical examination where the spine is put through various ranges of movement. Although often associated to back care, osteopaths also treat other joints. Shoulder, elbow, wrist as well as hip, knee and ankle pains are treated. The smaller joints of the jaw and sometimes of the fingers can be among the most painful clinical presentations which respond well to osteopathic manipulation.

Once the history and examination are put through a diagnostic sieve thought process, a treatment programme is formulated. The patient will then be given an explanation of the proposed programme and then treatment begins. Occasionally, patients may require further tests to complete the diagnostic assessment. Where these tests are critical, the patient will be referred to their doctor or make recommendations as to what the most appropriate course of action is. Where the problem is caused by age related degenerative arthritic changes, osteopaths can offer a regular management programme to control the pain.

Here at Sammut & Sammut we will introduce the patient to the most appropriate special interest within the team. For example a 1-2-1 Pilates session to formulate an appropriate exercise programme or a deep soft tissue massage.



clinical hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy induces a hypnotic state to increase motivation and/or alter behaviour patterns. It is a form of guided meditation. Hypnosis is induced using a simple eye closure procedure which is followed by a soothing, voice led navigation to deepen the trance state. Once in deep trance, a specific metaphor centred script is used to deliver the therapeutic message. During hypnosis you are not asleep. You are still in total control. Most of the time you will feel so deeply relaxed that you will be reluctant to come out of trance.



physiotherapy with deep tissue massage

A bespoke package is offered by our Chartered Physiotherapist. This will include a clinical assessment to determine the areas needing particular attention and a deep soft tissue massage treatment which will be followed by a set of rehabilitation exercises


Pilates is a system of controlled movements which improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the whole body. The one-to-one program will feel like a workout and not a therapy. We strongly believe that recognising the origin of the pain and formulating the correct movements sequence, will optimise the benefits of pilates.






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